Hennessy Artistry


What: Presentation of “The 5 Senses” project. Every sense was presented
by a different piece of artwork;
The “Taste” – some of the best bartenders in Bulgaria prepared Hennessy cocktails
from all over the world;
The “Vision” – a photo exhibition by the famous photographer and video director
Alexander Mollov, inspired by Hennessy artistry project;
The ”Hearing”– a musical mix of the live performance of Teodosii Spasov’s
wooden flute and DJ Ilko;
The’’Smell’’– floral decoration, inspired by ’’HENNESSY Artistry’’;
The ‘’Touch’’ – Models wearing extravagant table-like dresses, specially designed by

When: October 25, 2007

Where: club Tiffany, Sofia

Positive PR coverage in the key media.
Building associations in TA ( Target Audience) regarding Hennessy:
- leading global premium brand, deeply involved with the music scene
supporting talented artists all over the world;
- hosting spectacular music events.


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