Ethno Summer


The concept:

Inspired by the exotic beauty of three cultures – Brazil, the African Jungle and Red Indians.

Event description:

What: Intriguing fashion shows in three consecutive days with models, dancers and musicians in different styles representing the individual countries.

BRAZIL – The performance includes samba dancers immersing the audience in the atmosphere of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The models act as tourists who are having fun on the streets of the city. As part of the show was the live performance of the percussionist Kalin Velyov, who intensifies the feeling of the rhythm of South America in Mall of Sofia.
AFRICAN JUNGLE – African dancers showcase specific afro dances, while the models act as explorers on an expedition in the jungle. There are live performances during the fashion show by African musicians and Michael Fleming-Lexus.
RED INDIANS – Dancers perform modern indian dances and shaman rituals. The models represent explorers on an Native-American preserve, who are studying the local culture. Special guest for the fashion show is the popular beatboxer Red One.

When: June 20 – 22, 2013

Where: Mall of Sofia


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